Hand Made Tile Designs From West Wales




Our speciality, each one is unique and here are some of our most popular designs which we have adapted many times – different sizes, design, colours, and backgrounds. If you see something you like or you are looking for something unlike anything you see here then please contact us.


The hare in the wheat field with poppies

Sizes and designs may be varied to suit each client. All the tiles are our own 100mm.


All alone in his flower meadow, brooding in the buttercups

Murals featuring big, bold cockerels and hens are our trademark. These may be on a cream or white background, with or without buttercups, daisies, or nettles.


A cock pheasant and his hen

Each mural is individually designed to fit the space, and is signed and dated.


Beach huts and boats

From our Sea Shanty range.

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