Hand Made Tile Designs From West Wales

What we make


What we make



Our speciality, each one is unique take a look at some of our most popular designs or get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Sea Shanty

This range designed by Ann features breezy, lively images of boats, beach huts, seagulls and lighthouses.


Delft Inspired

The Dutch style of decoration inspired by Chinese ceramics, developed in the towns of Delft and Makkum, is our starting point, not something we slavishly copy.


Wild Flowers

Our range of wildflowers and insects


Farmyard Animals

We make a range of six – as ever, we will listen sympathetically to requests for different breeds or animals.


Plain Tiles

Our plain tiles can coordinate with the decors, or be used on their own. We have developed a range of unique, traditional clay-slip colours. Reading left to right:

1st row - lagoon, apple, primrose, ivory
2nd row - azure, duck pond light, duck pond bright, cream.
3rd row - mid blue, duck egg bright, duck egg light, primrose.
4th row - indigo, delphinium, warm earth, light gold ochre.
5th row - black, spruce green, autumn red, dark ochre.